Frequently Asked Questions* 


What does it mean to Register? 

Registration will give you a site profile where you can create and manage Collections. These are saved folders of selected assets that the user can curate themselves. It also gives you the ability to share and download low-resolution watermarked copies of available assets.  

General researchers who would like to register please follow these instructions: 

  1. From any page, click the ‘Register’ button in the upper right.
  2. Fill out the applicable fields. Ones with an asterisk are mandatory.
  3. Select if you would like to join the AMNH mailing list.  
  4. Read and agree to the AMNH Privacy policy  
  5. You will receive an automated email notifying you that your registration has been submitted.  
  6. You will receive a second email notifying you once your registration has been approved (typically within 3-5 days.)   
  7. Going forward, use the Login button to log into the system and view your collections. 


* Note for Museum Staff:

Museum Staff are automatically registered within Digital Collections. Log in using the Staff Login with SSO using their LDAP credentials. For more information on using Digital Collections please email [email protected]


How can I use Collections?

  • Viewing and managing collections: To access collections, click the ‘My collections’ link at the upper right. From the resulting window you can manage existing collections and create new collections.
  • Adding items: You can add items to a collection through the asset results screen using the + icon on any thumbnail or the ‘Add to Collection’ widgets. Once the popup window appears, either add the relevant content to an existing collection or follow the steps to create a new collection.
  • Deleting items: TO remove an item from a collection, hover over the thumbnail, click the … More options icon and select Remove from this Collection.


How can I Share or Download low-resolution assets? 

  • Download: Use the download icon on any thumbnail or download widget to select items to download. Multiple items on search result array pages can be selected at once. From the resulting popup display, select the Standard Download option and save to your location of choice.
  • Share: Use the share icon on any thumbnail or share widget to select items to share. Multiple items on search result array pages can be selected at once. Once the popup window appears, you can choose to create a PDF with the assets or generate a sharing link, select the resolution, set an expiration for the link, allow download or apply a watermark.
  • For larger sets of items from various search results it is best to also use the Collections function.


I saw an image somewhere which says it is from American Museum of Natural History but it is not here: 

  • Not all images have been digitized or made public on this site. Please reach out with any questions to the Museum Archives staff at [email protected]


How do I request a high-resolution copy of an asset(s) for reproduction or licensing? 


I have questions about using this site or site contents:  


I have research-related questions about digital collections: 


Where can I find out more information about the AMNH Research Library? 


For the latest news about the Gottesman Research Library: 


Where can I find out information about visiting the American Museum of Natural History? 

  • Please visit the American Museum of Natural History website